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The Facecom team consists of unique people gathered from all regions of Russia. We are proud of the professionals we work with every day. A large staff of expertsspecializing in various marketing and advertising directions allowed us to create a management system that is rare for the Russian market. The system is based on the value of personal characteristics of each employee, and their propensity for a specific narrow profile. A key feature of our management system is an achievement by the specialists of specific objectives with a clear control structure.

"Our job is not the time spent at the office table waiting for the weekend. It's a bright, busy life, full of small and big victories and invaluable experience."

Deciding on a candidate for a vacant position in the company, the most important factorsfor us are the level of practical experience of a candidate, education, ability to compete in a team of real professionals, as well as psychological compatibility and ability to work in a team. We love self-confident, sociable people with a bright personality, who have great ambitions and healthy self-esteem.

If you are able to work hard to reach desiredresults, you are talented and enthusiastic about marketing and advertising, respect your work and want to build a successful career then we will be happy to make you an offer following an interview.

Get acquainted with the latest Vacancies or send your detailed CV to email: vacancy@corp-facecom.ru

Digital as a marketing and communication industry emerged about 6-7 years ago. In the field of digital communications, the value of talented and experienced personnel is much higher than in other areas of advertising. That is why we pay maximum attention to training and improvement of skills of our employees. We encourage continuous development and professional growth by training both internally by our experienced professionals, who have been working in the digital field for several years and experienced all the stages of the development of digital marketing industry, and by offering our experts a possibility to visit the largest business forums in Russia.

"People are an inexhaustible source of potential and new ideas. Their intellectual resources are unlimited, and they have an opportunity to constantly improve their skills in our company."

We want the digital sphere to actively develop in Russia and therefore we train not only our own employees, but also colleagues from related areas, acting as invited speakers at various regional and federal conferences and forums.

Talented people are an inexhaustible source of energy, enourmous potential and new ideas. Their intellectual resources are endless, and they have an opportunity to constantly improve in our company. We are always open to cooperation with talented and enthusiastic people all over Russia, the best of which are able to receive an invitation to work at the company's headquarters in Rostov-on-Don.

Get acquainted with the latest Vacancies or send your detailed CV to email: vacancy@corp-facecom.ru

Приглашаем на работу специалистов:

  • SMM Manager 

    • Solution of marketing and advertising tasks through SMM tools;
    • Drawing up SMM-concepts, planning strategies for promotion in social media;
    • Search, creation and publication of a thematic content;
    • Moderation of the content;
    • Conducting individual projects independently and in a team;
    • Moderation and administration of communities, work with comments and messages from users;
    • Task setting and monitoring of Internet marketers in advertising campaigns;
    • Monitoring of brand references;
    • Attracting the audience, working with partner programs.

    • Knowledge of the mechanics and specificity of social networks;
    • Literate written speech;
    • Higher / incomplete higher education;
    • Presence of aesthetic taste;
    • Interest in growth;
    • Responsibility, initiative, modern attitude to advertising and marketing;

    • Official employment;
    • Large bright office in the very center of Rostov with a convenient parking;
    • Working hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-19.00;

    We offer:
    • Opportunity for professional growth and career development;
    • Work in a team of professionals;
    • Work with the largest brands of Russia;
    • Vacancy is available for applicants with disabilities;

    Type of employment
    Full time, full day

  • Sales Manager 

    • Search for potential customers (cold calls);
    • Commercial negotiations with customers;
    • Holding meetings;
    • Reception and processing of customers' orders, completion of necessary paperwork;
    • Implementation of monthly and quarterly sales plans;
    • Participation in the development and implementation of projects related to activities of the sales department;
    • Maintaining the client base;
    • Control over payment under concluded contracts;

    • Schedule of work - 5/2, from 10 to 19 hours;
    • Motivation: salary + %;
    • Payment of salaries 2 times a month;

    We offer:
    • Opportunity for professional growth and career development;
    • Work in a team of professionals;
    • Work with the largest brands of Russia;
    • Vacancy is available for applicants with disabilities;

    Type of employment
    Full time, full day

  • SEO Specialist 


    • Promotion of new and existing Internet projects (getting to the top, traffic attraction);
    • The whole complex of internal optimization;
    • Compilation of the core and a plan for promotion;
    • Purchase of external links;
    • Monitoring and setting tasks for copywriters;
    • Making recommendations on changing the client's site for improvement, indexing, traffic attraction, code optimization and internal site structure;
    • Calculation of costs for the promotion of Internet projects;
    • Development of the SEO direction in the company (service, algorithms and technologies);

    • Experience in promoting medium and large projects for at least 1 year, portfolio;
    • Ability to lead a large number of SEO projects, to perform internal optimization in due time;
    • Getting % keys to the TOP;
    • Getting of the overwhelming majority of LF to the TOP;
    • Skills for working with writing and optimizing texts, code optimization, working with reference mass, analyzing the competitive environment;
    • Excellent knowledge and experience in the field of buying links, knowledge of the main exchange markets for the purchase of links and their features;
    • Excellent knowledge of Internet statistics systems of a site and web analytics;
    • Profound knowledge of HTML / CSS;
    • Knowledge of php, html, css, ability to work with basic CMS;

    • Compensation: discussed during an interview;
    • Registration on TC;
    • Great opportunity for a professional and career growth;
    • Probationary period: 1-3 months;
    • Place of work: office in the center of Rostov-on-Don;

    In your CV we would like to see:
    • Examples of promoted / advanced sites, HF and MF queries;
    • Description of your activity in this work;
    • Your participation in certain advertising campaigns;
    • Vacancy is available for applicants with disabilities;

    Key skills:
    • Audit of site visibility;
    • External optimization of the site;
    • External site audit;
    • Budget management;
    • SEO optimization;

    Type of employment
    Full time, full day

  • Web-programmer 


    • Development of sites, pages, web-forms;
    • Administration of sites on various platforms;
    • Text processing using HTML;
    • Participation in the development of a fundamentally new functionality of sites, web services;
    • Optimization of current functionality to improve usability, scale projects;
    • Maintenance of current functionality of projects;

    • At least 1 year of professional experience in the professional field;
    • Experience in creating web-sites;
    • Knowledge of HTML and CSS, PHP and MySQL, Javascript;
    • Knowledge of 1C-Bitrix;
    • Installation, connection, configuration of plug-ins;
    • Ability and desire to deal with someone else's code;
    • Understanding the principles of internal optimization of sites for promotion in search engines;
    • Independence, perseverance, high level of responsibility;

    • Official employment;
    • Salary is determined by the results of an interview and depends on knowledge, skills and work speed;
    • Large bright office in the very center of Rostov with a convenient parking;
    • Working hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-19.00;

    We offer:
    • Ability to work in a team with professionals;
    • Career;
    • Cooperation exclusively with the largest companies in Russia;
    • Unlimited opportunities to gain experience in your professional field;

    Type of employment
    Full time, full day


SMM Manager
Sales Manager


"How do I evaluate the work at Facecom? Every day I come to work to realize myself, to learn how to use the most advanced marketing tools and mechanics. It's a great feeling when you apply your knowledge in the real world, bringing victories to our team and satisfaction to our customers. "

Victoria Devleshova. PR-specialist