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Our Works

Our Works

Facecom marketing team creates and realizes more than 200 of ad and marketing projects every year.


International Rostselmash farm machinery manufacturer


Russian Post

State company

Event organization

Electrosvayz communication provider

FSUE Electrosvyaz communication provider

Development of a marketing strategy of the company development.


Federal communication provider

SMM promotion
Online advertising campaign

Clients talk about us

The key task of our specialists is to create and optimize marketing activities to increase the sales and profits of each of our clients

  • Facecom team have shown themselves in the best way during the years of cooperation, actively promoting our shopping mall through social media. Care of employees for tasks, undeniable expertise and responsibility distinguish the company as the best partner.”

    Anna Alimpieva, Head of marketing department of MOREMOLL shopping mall

  • "Every day we have to communicate with lots of advertising and marketing agencies." Loads of proposals. And the main thing here is to make the right choice. We’ve made our choice in favour of OOO Facecom.

    A wonderful team of specialists, professionals with a capital ‘p’! 100% knowledge of the market and an instant reaction to customer requests. Very committed partners! I recommend them to all."

    Julia Evgenievna Bondarenko, Ophthalm network of clinics

  • "We have been working with Facecom for a long time and I will be honest - we like it.

    The guys have proven themselves as true professionals in the field of Internet marketing. Thanks to constant work on optimization of the cost of a click, the plan indicators are overfulfilled in 99% of cases. The team take the plunge into each new project, laying out the entire niche. Moreover, Facecom are not just realizers, they are, primarily. people who can be contacted for advice, an independent opinion from the pros in their field. This is the approach we appreciate in working with third-party contractors. Thank you, Facecom!"

    Dmitry Ruban, Manager for promotion of GC "DonExpoCenter"

  • "Facecom has become our reliable partner in conducting a comprehensive advertising campaign and organization of the opening of a new GRAS plant in Stavropol Krai. Facecom employees showed themselves as professionals by investing their experience and knowledge, thus demonstrating an impressive result that created the prerequisites for a dynamic and stable development of the GRAS company. "

    Deputy Director for Marketing, LLC "New Investment Solutions" IPRK "GRAS"

Our Competence
  • Our staff member is a good speaker!

    Our staff member is a good speaker!

  • Our expert's new publications. Read new analytical article at GLOBAL61.RU

    Our expert's new publications. Read new analytical article at GLOBAL61.RU

  • Macroregional stage of

    Macroregional stage of "The Best Driver Of the Post of Russia 2017" contest.

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Our Team

Every day our specialists achieve high results for our clients in Russian and international business.

Working with a client, I study their commercial and marketing activities, examine the market where it is presented, and build up a brand promotion strategy, bringing commercial success.

Anastasia Babicheva

Anastasia specializes in digital marketing, development of strategies for brand promotion in the Internet. She creates and implements projects for clients from regional to international business.

Telephone: +7 (863) 322 02 44, 107
E-mail: sales@corp-facecom.ru

I have an experience in solving a lot of complex tasks and achieving impressive results both in Russian and foreign business.

Julia Tyrko
Digital-marketing Director

Julia manages Internet marketing and helps clients solve marketing problems related to this field. Her experience allows us to be an expert in creating and optimizing communication with customers and consumers through digital marketing tools.

Telephone: +7 (863) 322 02 44, 104
E-mail: info@facecom.ru

I have an experience in solving a lot of complex tasks and achieving impressive results both in Russian and foreign business.

Alexander Ilyashenko
Marketing Director

Alexander has a considerable experience in marketing management, which covers various areas of economics, industry, domestic and foreign trade. He helps clients project marketing strategies, which, among other things, are set to increase the economic well-being of companies, increasing the number of sales and profit margins.

Telephone: +7 (863) 322 02 44, 105
E-mail: info@facecom.ru

Thanks to my experience of work with various tools, I help clients to project solutions to marketing and commercial tasks.

Svetlana Kiseleva
Project Manager

Svetlana coordinates the implementation of marketing and commercial projects. She is involved in global offline tasks, personnel management and contractors’ work control. Her wide experience and an extensive database of proven suppliers throughout Russia allow her to implement any marketing project.

Telephone: +7 (863) 322 02 44, 102
E-mail: info@facecom.ru

Work in Facecom Company

Do you see yourself as a marketer in Facecom? We continuously recruit young talents, as well as experienced professionals.


"How do I evaluate the work at Facecom? Every day I come to work to realize myself, to learn how to use the most advanced marketing tools and mechanics. It's a great feeling when you apply your knowledge in the real world, bringing victories to our team and satisfaction to our customers. "

Victoria Devleshova. PR-specialist

More about Facecom

МWe are marketers, keen on meeting commercial and business challenges of our clients. Every day our experts, working in a team, create trends of modern marketing, study and test new mechanics with one single goal - to increase the profits of our customers.


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