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Our own printing house allows us to provide the full range of printing services, which significantly facilitates ordering of printed and souvenir products. Our main specialization is digital printing. Its technologies have been thoroughly worked out, which makes it possible to produce any printing products in a very short time.

How we work?

We control the entire production from the creation and preparation of design materials by the company's full-time employees up to quality control of the products at each stage. Today the printing house has digital printing machines of A1 format, equipment for lamination, varnishing, stamping, conveying, personalization, stapling, gluing, spiral binding, assembly and gluing line of voluminous boxes, as well as craftsmen for manual types of work. All stages of printing work the printing house performs independently. This enables us execute turn-key orders.

We provide printing services of various complexityfrom a small-format to large-scale printing: business printing, advertising printing, packaging, calendars and POS materials.

As gifts to your customers and business partners, we can offer any kinds of souvenirs, both classic and customizedconfined to a specific occasion.


Our main specialization is digital printing worked out to the smallest detail.


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