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Reputation managmenet

Facecom monitors brand image and personal business reputation on the Internet

Reputation management is a complex of strategic measures aimed at formation, maintenance and protection of the reputation of a company, its brand or trademark as well as personal reputation.


SERM — Search Engine Reputation Management — is a system of measuresaimed at improvement of reputation of an object using the tools of search engine optimization.

If your post with negative information discrediting your brand name or name of your chief is in TOP-10 of Yandex or Google search results, the company's intangible assets are seriously damaged and the percentage of refuses from clients and partners is sharply increased.

This service includes a complex of cumulative work of specialists in various areas of digital and it is in great demand not only among large enterprises, but also very popular with business people and politicians, who often become targets of "black PR" competitors.

Neutralization of negative (working with forums)

The ratio of positive and negative reviews forms the image of a company on the Internet. We correct it with a smart algorithm of interaction with Internet users. We have developed a unique neutralization technique based on a deep analysis of various types of negativity and users’ psychological types.The technique allows not only to gain brand supporters in a current conflict, but also to turn a negatively predisposed client into an advocate for the brand.


Every posted negative comment in the Net should have an instant reaction on behalf of a brand. The sooner an official response is published, the less damage will be done to the image of a brand. In our work we use both automatic monitoring with our own software and manual monitoring. Manual monitoring provides a more accurate detection of the tonality of reviews while sorting than the automatic monitoring system, but does not guarantee the collection of information at weekends and holidays and does not exclude the possibility of making an error by an operator. Thus, the combination of the two types of mechanisms of collection of brand references ensures maximumefficiency and does not allow to miss any comments or feedback.

Reputation managmenet
Reputation managmenet

 SERM is a system of measures aimed at improvement of reputation of an object using the tools of search engine optimization.


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