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Strategy Marketing

Strategic marketing is the basis of work of Facecom team. It allows to collect and analyze key marketing and economic indicators, develop comprehensive marketing strategies and measures to increase sales of our customers and their net profits.

How we work?

We create a set of measures characterized by active marketing long-term processes aimed at profits increase, customer loyalty, popularity and other indicators. We follow a specific policy of creating brands of goods and services that provide consumers with products of higher value than competitors.

Analysis of large databases

Facecom team analysts base their strategic planning on marketing research, which is conducted through the analysis of data that allows to learn, study and understand the behavior of customers and their competitors through detailed, accurate and efficient analytics. Also, thanks to planning we create a strategy for future successful campaigns and marketing steps.

Current and innovative technologies

In the course of many years of work, our analysts and marketers have collected the most relevant and innovative technologies for data collection and analysis of market and audience indicators, segmentation and construction of a behavioral map for complex marketing research, compilation of competitors' databases, creation of reputation management plans and for work with comments.

When analyzing marketing and economic indicators, we are guided by basic principles for the achievement of main objectives of a marketing research to help a client:

Nine stages of marketing strategy development:

1. Create a plan and understand the possibilities and effectiveness of future strategic marketing decisions;

2. Collect data on markets, customers and main commercial indicators of a client;

3. Analyze external markets and competitors’ activity;

4. Based on the data collected, choose the most effective and winning strategies for the company's development;

5. Identify major trends in a suitable market segment and scenarios for future implementation of the developed strategy;

6. Conduct an analysis of the target audience, identify customers’ needs and factors of their satisfaction and loyalty;

7. Compile a detailed and well-grounded overview of competitors;

8. Study individual customer’s data on the best solutions in management, trade and marketing;

9. Evaluate sales efficiency and find opportunities to improve it.

Strategy Marketing
Strategy Marketing

Strategic marketing is the basis of work of the Facecom team. We create a set of activities characterized by active marketing long-term processes aimed at increasing profits and the value of intangible assets.


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