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Web development

Web development

Web development involves the work oncreating web sites or web applications for various platforms.

How we work?

Our web development consists of eight substantial stages. Each stage has its own nuances, methods of implementation and solutions to the tasks.

Analysis of a ready website template

- Finding the main elements of a user interface, their principal stylistic features in a website template and dividing it into separate sections.

- Analysis of usability of a ready layout, and, if needed, making adjustments necessary to create a quality product.

Cutting of a layout

When cutting, "Adobe Photoshop" software is used to work with an image, as the original picture of a layout is in * .PSD format. To cut a layout, the "cutter" tool is used. Cutting requires high precision. Good and correct cutting is the key to a successful layout.

Web page layout

- Turning a psd-template into a complete web page using the most advanced web development technologies, such as HTML5, to create a "skeleton" or the structure of a future site; CSS3 for style design of a web-page, animation and an individual style of a site; and also scripting language JavaScript for interactivity.

- First trial of the site, identification and refinement of the code, collaboration with a designer to check the site for "pixel perfect".

Layout placing in CMS

CMS is a site management system that automates content management.

Integrating the complete layout and CMS

layout editing

content addition

Installation of necessary plug-ins

Final site trial

Parameters to be checked:





- Security

Functional check

Checking the operation of all functions of the web- resource, checking for errors both in the appearance and code of the site.


The enjoyment of high-quality and smoothoperation of the site, which meets modern trends in design and development.

Advertising and promotion

The site will function properly after an increase in its visiting statistics and activity of the target audience. Promotion in will contribute to the site top ranking, its popularity and its advance in search engine results

Web development
Web development

Our web development consists of eight substantial stages. Each stage has its own nuances, methods of implementation and solutions to the tasks.


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