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Market research

Marketing research is conducted through systematic collection, documentation and analysis of data on various components of a commercial activity.

The purpose of a marketing research — is the creation of an information and analytical base for making successful managerial decisions in conducting marketing campaigns by our clients.

How we work?

We not only perform multi-level polls of customers’ or competitors’ audience , but also observe its actions. This allows us to draw conclusions about hidden motivational, behavioral mechanisms.

Therefore, we get a reliable and detailed overview of the following categories:

Fundamentals of strategic planning:

SWOT analysis

One of the most important aspects of our work in strategic marketing is a classic and extensive SWOT analysis. Through the research into strengths and weaknesses of an enterprise we can identify main objectives of a marketing strategy:

Типы исследований по областям:

The results of our research allow our clients to determine the potential of their commercial policy more accurately, to prevent possible risks and substantially increase company's profits.

Basic principles of work with strategic planning.

Competitor analysis is a basic mechanism of pricing and optimization of customer service.

Analyzing competitors, our marketers assess the level of competition within an industry, create a map of competitors, conduct a comparative analysis of prices, analyze distribution of a product or service, determine the positioning of all competitors in the market.

We conduct competitor analysis with both desk research by phone, and field research (face2face).

Market research
Market research

The purpose of marketing research is the creation of an information and analytical base for making successful managerial decisions in conducting marketing campaigns.

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